What to do with shelled nuts?

The walnut is a type of nut that is widely used in original recipes and in medicine. Hence varieties such as pecans and kernel. To enjoy the benefits of this version of the fruit in any season, it is usually shelled and ground into a powder. Thus, eating nuts with fruits, vegetables or honey provides many benefits.

Que faire avec des noix décortiquées

Use of shelled nuts 

The hazelnut, which is the fruit of the walnut tree, is native to Eurasia and is cultivated in all seasons on all continents. This product has been discovered for centuries, but its use was only approved for therapeutic purposes. Over time, research has defined some of the benefits of hazelnuts and pecans. As a result, it has become a must-have product.

Hazelnuts and pecans are presented in several types. Thus, on the market, one can find raw, fresh or dried and shelled hazelnuts. The nut is mixed with flour, butter, pasta, honey, apples, eggs to make original recipes… And it is suitable for baking or frying. On the other hand, the kernel is used in many authentic recipe lists, in all seasons.

Medicinally, the nut is indispensable, as it is rich in protein like eggs and vegetables. Consequently, nutritionists encourage the regular consumption of hazelnuts with certain vegetables, apples and eggs. Furthermore, research based on them is leading some producers to make more food products with nuts.

The walnut (like the walnut for example) is a fruit with a somewhat unusual appearance. Shaped like a pine cone, it is covered with a shell that protects it from external aggression. When the fruit is collected, it is stored in a temperature-controlled area. Then the shell covering the fruit flakes off easily and it becomes dry. This makes it easier to process and store for a certain season.

Shelled nuts, a virtuous product

The walnut is a natural product with many virtues. It is widely used in medicine to support certain treatments. It is used in conjunction with other treatments and natural products to treat certain diseases. In addition, nutritionists strongly advise the consumption of these fruits to restore certain deficiencies.

Indeed, the pecan and the kernels are used in medicine thanks to its mineral and nutritional richness, but also for its antioxidant virtue.

  • Rich in vegetable protein

Compared to eggs, pulses or meat, shelled nuts contain more than 10% protein. This is advantageous for our nutritional balance, especially for those who are on a slimming or vegetarian diet. The protein content in the kernel and pecan, as well as the fibre, helps to maintain nutritional balance.

  • Full of vitamins and minerals

In addition to the high level of magnesium and potassium, hazelnuts are rich in phosphorus, iron and calcium. Therefore, eating dried, raw or shelled hazelnuts every day ensures cell renewal. Butter, pasta, honey, apple or Roquefort cheese mixed with hazelnut kernels also ensures immunity. Think about the shelf life of shelled nuts.

A multitude of recipes with shelled nuts

For centuries, the flavour of hazelnut kernels has been the best recipe to enjoy in any season. Both private individuals and professionals use hazelnuts and pecans to reproduce an existing recipe in other presentations. Flour, pastry dough, yeast, butter, etc., made from hazelnuts or mixed with the kernel are also available on the market.

The use of hazelnuts and hazelnut kernels in all seasons allows for a multitude of tastes and delights.

In pastries

Hazelnut kernels, pecan kernels and kernel kernels have become key products in pastries and cakes. This allows professionals and amateurs alike to produce a multitude of authentic recipes in the oven and in the pan. Therefore, pastry chefs and bakers can produce a better version of a pie, cake or pancake.

This type of fruit does not require many conditions in the pastry shop or bakery. Consequently, this product can easily be incorporated with yeast, eggs, butter, sugar or oil. On the other hand, doughs mixed with walnuts, pecans or kernels can be cooked in a pan or in the oven.

In restaurants

In the catering industry in general, walnuts, pecans and kernels are becoming more and more common and very popular. The light taste and the sweet aroma it brings adds a unique flavour to each recipe. This allows professional cooks to produce authentic and delicious dishes.

For the culinary adventurer, a multitude of salad recipes can be enjoyed in top restaurants. This can be composed of vegetables, apples, boiled eggs, Roquefort cheese, especially hazelnut.

In terms of dishes, hazelnut powder and kernels are particularly popular. They give a unique flavour to poultry, zebu meat, fish and vegetables as well as pasta.

In addition, the list of nut-based dessert recipes is not exhaustive. The addition of pecans and walnut kernels to ice creams or seasonal fruit salads is very popular. In addition, the incorporation of this product in pastry also allows you to enjoy a light and delicious cake or pie flavour.

In food production

In the food market, the marketing and incorporation of this dried fruit is common. This is due to the fact that this virtuous fruit is rich in protein, fatty acids and minerals and is recommended by nutrition specialists. As a result, a wide range of pecan-based feeds are available to customers from the food industry.

Many factories have started to manufacture pecan products. As a result, there are many versions of butter, Roquefort cheese or hazelnut applesauce on the market. This allows consumers to improve their recipe for an egg vegetable, apple salad or a revisited pie.

In addition, several countries have started to produce food products with hazelnut kernels. Pasta, flour and yeast mixed with hazelnut are available on the market. This allows consumers to enjoy a better diet, whether prepared in salads, in the oven or in the pan.

The benefits of shelled nuts

In terms of general wellbeing, walnuts, together with other natural products, provide many benefits. First of all, this fruit is very rich in trace elements, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. This provides more vitality and strongly supports the immune system, especially for those with certain nutritional deficiencies.

In the culinary arts, pecans or kernels are still unavoidable products, especially in a recipe based on flours. Mixed with vegetable, apple or Roquefort salad, they offer a fresh and exquisite taste. With pasta or any type of meat, this product acquires an authentic flavour. Finally, hazelnut-based desserts are tasty.

Shelled nuts are a ready-to-use version of nuts that are just as natural and beneficial in everyday life. Its consumption in shelled, dried or powdered form supports many medical and nutritional therapies. On the other hand, these allow food lovers to discover unparalleled culinary adventures.