The wooden nutcracker: the Christmas favourite

At Christmas, you have probably seen a wooden doll dressed as a soldier in a house as a Christmas decoration. In a German household, this soldier nutcracker is the representative Christmas figurine.

Designed primarily for cracking nuts, this wooden puppet is currently the king of Christmas ornaments found in all decorations. Just like Father Christmas, the nutcracker is used as a Christmas tree decoration, a Christmas gift for children, an interior decoration and a Christmas table decoration.

Casse noisette à noel

Origin of the wooden nutcracker

Like a puppet, the story of the Christmas nutcracker is a traditional decorative figurine that derives from the 1816 German folk tale “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by the writer Hoffmann. In 1844, Alexandre Dumas wrote a children’s adaptation of the original work entitled “The Story of a Nutcracker”, the best known version of the Christmas story.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve in a German bourgeois family, where the children of the house were happy and at the same time eager to open her present under the Christmas tree. The magician surprises the girl with a big wooden nutcracker and the boy with the mouse king. The legend says that the doll is a prince who was going to marry a princess, but was bewitched by a mouse and turned into a wooden toy.

At the same time, this version served as the inspiration for the ballet ‘The Nutcracker’. Its imaginative characters and Tchaikovsky’s universal music have made this work a Christmas classic, ideal for both adults and children.

Using the nutcracker at Christmas

Having a nutcracker in your home is especially beneficial during the Christmas season. If you plan to buy this product, you are not using your money for nothing. Although the price of a nutcracker is affordable, you can also reuse this product every year for your decoration or as a wooden toy. Moreover, most of the nutcracker is available with free delivery so that you can receive the product easily.

Christmas tree decoration

Apart from Father Christmas, a wooden nutcracker is the decoration you will mainly find on the German Christmas tree since this wooden puppet is very symbolic in this country. Moreover, this decorative element is very festive, because the colour of these modern nutcrackers represent the colours of Christmas, as they are available in white, red and multicoloured.

Toy for children

If we go back to the story of Hoffman’s doll turned nutcracker, Uncle Droselmeyer gave this wooden doll to his nephew. This puppet is therefore a toy that can be given to children at Christmas. In addition to serving as a decoration for the tree, this colourful toy is a great gift idea for children.

Ornament inside the house

At Christmas, the interior of the house is also decorated with ornamental figures, which are none other than the wooden nutcrackers. Moreover, you can use an LED with the wooden nutcracker to have a better decoration. So, with this LED lighted decoration, receive compliments from the guests on your ornaments, as they will feel the Christmas spirit inside your home.

Table decoration

During the Christmas dinner, it is also essential to have decorations on the table. You can use a multi-coloured wooden nutcracker. However, white and red are the dominant colours. Get the iconic nutcracker figurines delivered for a unique Christmas decoration.

How to buy a wooden nutcracker?

Choosing a wooden nutcracker is essential, especially during the Christmas season. Moreover, you won’t spend much money on home decorations, as the price of these figures is not high. The price depends on the characteristics of the figurine such as its size, the models and the brand. This wooden figurine is available in several colours, but for Christmas, white and red are the most common.

If you want to buy a wooden nutcracker made in France for your festive ornaments, receive this product with free delivery when you buy online. Furthermore, in case you are planning to give a puppet soldier as a gift for your children, you can also look for shops that offer free delivery when you buy online.