Nutcracker’s Guide

The Complete Guide to the Nutcracker

The nutcracker is an indispensable tool in any kitchen, especially if you like to snack on nuts, hazelnuts or other nuts. You can use it to open nuts without damaging their kernels. A kitchen utensil, a design object for decorating, in the same way as your corkscrew or capper, here is everything you need to know about this essential kitchen utensil.

The nutcracker: What is it and how to use it effectively?

How to choose a nutcracker that meets your needs?

Which nutcracker to choose to avoid injuries?

The nutcracker in your kitchen: An essential utensil

The Wooden Nutcracker

The Nutcracker made in France

How to crack a nut with a nutcracker

How to crack nuts without breaking the kernels?

How to crack nuts?

How to maintain your nutcracker?

Propulsion nutcracker : The TNUT innovation

How to crack nuts?

How to crack almonds?

The history of nutcracking

The wooden nutcracker

The’history of the nutcracker

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A list of the main fruits and nuts


All about the walnut

What are the benefits of nuts?

The walnut

How long do walnuts last?

What vitamins are present in walnuts?

What are the facts about nuts?

How much nuts should you eat per day?

Do nuts make you fat?

What to do with shelled nuts?

What to do with walnut shells?

How to make dry walnuts?


What are the benefits of hazelnuts?

What is the shelf life of hazelnuts?

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How many hazelnuts do you eat per day?

How to tell if a hazelnut is good?


All about almonds

The origin of almonds

Do almonds make you fat?

Should you eat almonds every day?

What are the benefits of almonds?

Should you eat almonds at night?

How to use almonds?

The Pistachio

What are the benefits of pistachios?

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The nuts of Brazil

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Macadamia nuts

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