Nutcracker made in France: Which one to choose?

Nutcrackers are objects designed to break the shell of hazelnuts or any other dry nuts. You can buy shelled hazelnuts and store them in a box or in bags. But ideally you should have a nutcracker at home so that you can crack the nuts as you eat them.

For this reason, nutcrackers are made all over the world. Nutcracker making in France is also widespread throughout the world, and it is the same craftsmen who make these kitchen utensils. However, they all have their own specificities. Just like knives or can openers, nutcrackers have designs to make them into table instruments. Let’s see the best nutcrackers made in France.

Antique nutcrackers

Over the centuries, man has created numerous nutcracker designs, using various materials such as wood, iron, steel, metal and stainless steel. However, just like knives and can openers, the antique nutcracker does not lose its place in the kitchen, although it requires more maintenance than modern nutcrackers. The maintenance of the nutcracker is essential if you want it to last in time.

In France, in addition to its use in the kitchen, this object made of wood, iron, steel, metal or stainless steel is intended to be a collector’s item or a decoration in your home. These kitchen utensils are distinguished by the quality of the materials used.

Most of the time, these accessories are sold in sets or gift boxes. You can buy a batch of antique nutcrackers or special antique nutcracker boxes in an online shop with free delivery to give your home a vintage touch.

Artisans du Jura Natural Wooden Nutcracker

Made from natural boxwood in the Jura region, the natural wood nutcracker from Jura is a very practical object that finds its place among other kitchen utensils made in France. Very solid and resistant, natural wood is a quality material suitable for breaking the shell of hazelnuts and walnuts.

With its screw system, this tool made in France does not require any other accessories to accompany it on delivery. Easy to use and without any particular maintenance, this kitchen product made in Jura is perfect for small hands. The mushroom models are the most famous, as these kitchen accessories can also be used as table decoration.

As far as the price is concerned, every online shop offers different prices. However, the price of a natural wood nutcracker from Jura varies between 6 and 10 euros. But before you buy a mushroom nutcracker from an online shop, you should find out about the quality of the product by looking at the nutcracker’s rating. You can do this by looking at the stars given by consumers, as well as the reviews.

Tnut elastic drive nutcracker

TNuT is a very practical elastic propulsion nutcracker made in France. The advantage of this tool is that the shell of the hazelnut breaks without damaging the walnut, leaving the fruit intact. Moreover, this object does not require any particular maintenance. By adopting this product, your kitchen nutcracker will no longer be hidden in drawers, as it can be presented as a decorative element on the home table like knives.

If you want to take advantage of free delivery at home, you can find an online shop that advertises these products. In addition, you can compare prices. For the price, the Tnut nutcracker is a bit more expensive than a natural wood screwdriver from Jura, you can get it from 35 eur.