How to use a propulsion nutcracker?

The wooden nutcracker is a kitchen accessory whose existence is often forgotten in the home. Yet it is a very practical accessory that makes it easy to crush nuts. Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, it only takes one blow to break the shell of your favourite fruit. With a nutcracker, your fruit will remain whole.

It allows you to safely and elegantly crack nuts. The propelled nutcracker is an unusual kitchen accessory that is both fun and practical. You can use one to have fun during family parties or simply for the pleasure of tasting the sweetness of nuts.

How a propulsion nutcracker works ?

The nutcracker, like the Tnut, the propulsion nutcracker is a nutcracker made in France. Fun and original, this kitchen accessory makes it easy to crush nuts and hazelnuts. A wooden nutcracker is generally composed of three parts: the base, the conical support and the latex membrane.

To crush nuts with this accessory, simply place the fruit inside the latex membrane and pull and release. The fruit is propelled towards the wooden base and will break easily.

With a wooden nutcracker, the fruit remains whole and it is easier to retrieve the shelled fruit. This kitchen accessory keeps your work surface clean as the shell debris remains in the container. On the other hand, Tnut the propelled nutcracker is quite spectacular. With this product, you can watch the shells explode.

What type of propulsion nutcracker should I choose?

As fun as it is practical, choosing a propulsion nutcracker is the product you need to adopt to effectively crush your nuts. However, before buying a nutcracker, you should know that there are two types on the market:

  • The transparent Tnut: This is the first version of a powered nutcracker. Made with a transparent body made of recyclable co-polyester, free of bisphenols, phthalates and toxins. This version allows you to see how the shell breaks! Ideal for the little ones who are curious.
  • The Tnut Prune: is a powered nutcracker with a new design. This one is made with a body dyed in the mass in recyclable co-polyester. Guaranteed free of bisphenols, phthalates and toxins.
  • Le Tnut des Bois: The wooden nutcracker with propulsion, made with a body in Jura beech wood.
    The Tnut model of nutcracker is also a good choice of product. This nutcracker is ideal for avoiding injuries. Made with a 100% biodegradable latex membrane, it is an eco-responsible product and 100% made in France. This model of nutcracker also offers perfect safety during its use, especially for children.

Designed in a well thought-out way, Tnut the propelled nutcracker is safe for users. People from 7 to 107 years old can easily crack nuts with this kitchen accessory.

To purchase a Tnut in wood, clear or plum, simply place your order online here on the site. You can easily find these quality propelled nutcrackers on online retailers like Amazon.