How to open nuts without breaking the kernels?

Hazelnuts are indispensable in the kitchen to make recipes better. However, just like almonds and other dried fruits, breaking the shell of hazelnuts is a painstaking task since the kernels of these nuts must not be broken in order to have quality hazelnuts. If you want to avoid breaking the kernels of these fruits, there are some tips on how to properly shell this product. Read on to learn how to crack nuts correctly!

ouvrir une noix sans casser les cerneaux

What tool should I use to avoid damaging the kernels?

To open the shell of hazelnuts, there are several tricks you can follow. You can use the special tool, i.e. a nutcracker, or another slightly hard kitchen utensil such as a knife. You will need to choose a nutcracker that meets your needs. However, the hammer is the most practical of these objects for breaking the shell of a hazelnut without damaging the kernels. Moreover, this tool is easy to find, as it is indispensable at home.

You can also use the nutcracker with Tnut propulsion. The latex membrane will propel the nut and its shell will break without touching the kernels. It will take some practice to get the right dosage!

How to crack nuts without damaging the kernels?

Now that you know how to crack a nut with a nutcracker, we will try to help you understand how not to damage the kernels! Hazelnuts and almonds are dry nuts whose kernels should not be damaged. This way you can enjoy the fruit of these nuts properly as a decorative element in your recipes and keep their quality. Follow these tips to properly shell hazelnuts, and use a nutcracker to avoid injury:

  • Soak the nuts in water for several hours before cracking them.
  • Place the nuts, point up, and hit them with a hard steel or wooden object, such as a hammer, nutcracker or kitchen knife to break them.
  • Place the nut on an uneven or hollow surface so that the shell is under pressure.
  • Use the minimum force necessary to crack the shell when pressing, to avoid damaging the hazelnut kernels inside.
  • Turn the nut of the hazelnut while tightening it so that the shell cracks slowly.
  • Open the shell and remove the kernels.
  • Let the soaked nut kernels dry to remove the water for a few hours after cracking.