How to crack walnuts?

Walnuts are dried fruits, beneficial to health and often used in cooking. If you like to add nuts to your recipes to make them better, you need the right tool to open nuts easily.

Indeed, how to crack hazelnuts, almonds and chestnuts is a job that requires effort especially if you want to have preserved the quality of the fruit. For this reason, we are going to see the tricks to crack nuts in large quantities without damaging the fruit inside.

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How to crack walnuts easily?

It is important to have quality kernels when eating a hazelnut or any other nut. You need to know how to crack nuts without breaking the kernels. Therefore, you need to follow the tips in order not to damage the fruit inside the hazelnut, almond or pistachio. There are several ways of cracking nuts, either by old-fashioned methods, using a hammer or a knife, or with a special machine such as a nutcracker.

Cracking walnuts with a hammer

Cracking the shell of a hazelnut with these tricks is an excellent way to crack the nuts without damaging the kernels. It is important to present an intact fruit in your recipes.

To do this, you should place the nuts on a hollow stone before breaking the shell with a hammer. However, using these tricks to crack the shells of nuts requires some effort, especially if you have to crack nuts in large quantities. However, you should be careful not to hit very hard so as not to damage the nut kernels.

Cracking walnuts with a machine

The other way to crack almonds or walnuts is to use a special tool to peel them. To do this, you need to get the best possible nut cracking tool. Among them, the nutcracker is the best known.

This device can be made of different materials such as wood, steel, metal, but wood is most often used. In addition, each nutcracker has its own design. There are several types of nutcrackers such as the pliers nutcracker or the screw nutcracker.

The use of this tool is simple, you just have to put the nuts between the two pliers, then apply pressure to break the shell. It is the most practical kitchen tool for breaking hazelnuts, almonds and chestnuts. In addition, if the nutcracker is made of quality steel, metal or wood, the device is robust. Obviously, if you have the right utensil, you need to know how to crack nuts with a nutcracker. He will then want to choose the ideal nutcracker that fits your needs.

How to crack walnuts in large quantities?

If you have a good handful of nuts to crack and you don’t want to use a lot of force, the best way to crack the nut shell is with a pebble. For this method, choose a stone that is rounded and hollow in the middle.

Next, you need to make a wooden board with a 20 cm V-groove. All that remains is to break the shell while the other hand can remove the shelled hazelnuts.

Tip for opening pecan kernels effortlessly

This is a very simple and practical tip for pecans. By placing the pecans in the freezer for at least an hour before eating them, you can open the shell by hand or with a knife easily. When removing them from the freezer, place two nuts face to face on the side of the rim and pressing with your hands will open them.

The other trick is to soak the nuts in water. To make it easier to remove the shell of the nuts with your hand, soak the hazelnuts, almonds or chestnuts for about a day in water.