How to crack hazelnuts?

Cracking a handful of nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds or chestnuts can be a difficult task in the kitchen, as the shell of a hazelnut is hard. Cracking nuts is not complicated if you have the right tool.

However, cracking the shell of a hazelnut with the right material requires no effort. Just follow some tips, articles or an online video to find out which tool you should have at home, how to use it, how to buy these products, how much a handful of nuts costs and what the reviews of this product are. Cracking nuts with a nutcracker can be a fun and unique activity, especially if you use the TNUT powered nutcracker.

Comment casser des noisettes

Which tool to crack nuts?

There are different ways to crack a nut, but we will look at how to peel nuts without a nutcracker and with a nutcracker.

How to peel hazelnuts without a nutcracker?

The first thing to do is to remove the hard shell that covers these dried fruits. To do this, simply check the quality of the nut before placing it on a kitchen board and either hit it with a heavy object to break the shell or apply pressure with the knife.

Using a stone mortar or the wooden handle of the knife to hit the nut is recommended so that the fruit comes out easily. However, it is recommended to use a stainless steel nutcracker instead of a knife, as this practice is a bit noisy.

How do you break hazelnuts with a nutcracker?

The nutcracker is an original object made of a solid material to facilitate the peeling of hazelnuts, almonds or chestnuts. With a little practice, you will know how to open nuts without breaking the kernels.

Using it is as simple as placing the nut between the two pliers and operating the lever so that it applies pressure to the nut and opens it with little force. This makes it ideal for use by elderly people or people with little strength to apply strong pressure on the pliers. However, children should not use this product.

The advantages of a nutcracker are:

  • a nutcracker does not require much effort,
  • with a little practice, the nuts almost always come out whole.
  • You can open the nut with one hand and with little pressure
  • the opening is adjustable, so you can open any type of nut
  • the lever is removable, which makes it easy to store in any space

However, be sure to choose a nutcracker to avoid injury.

Buy the best nutcracker

Every home should have a good nutcracker to open nuts, or break almonds without breaking them and especially without forcing them too much.

Buying the best nutcracker depends on many factors, such as price, materials or the age of the person who will use it. But a good kitchen nutcracker should have at least the following characteristics:

  • You should be able to use it without any effort: it will be used to crack walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts and almonds with one hand and almost without force.
  • Good design: the nutcracker can have an innovative or traditional design to suit your taste, a tool that looks good in any kitchen.
  • Makes it easy to remove whole fruits after splitting the shell: an object that has been renewed and with which it is now much more comfortable to open nuts and other dried fruits, such as hazelnuts, almonds and chestnuts.
  • It is made of durable and quality materials: its construction must be robust, made of stainless steel, aluminium and wood.

To break the shell of hazelnuts properly, you need to buy a quality product such as a stainless steel nutcracker with a wooden handle. However, the best way to compare the price of this original product is on the online shops. In addition, get tips on how to use these products by watching a recipe video with hazelnuts or articles.