How to crack a nut with a nutcracker?

The nutcracker is a kitchen utensil that allows you to easily break the shell of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or macadamia nuts. It is an efficient tool for breaking all types of nuts in no time.

The nutcracker allows you to enjoy the flavour of nuts without too much effort and without hurting your hand or teeth by breaking the shell. There are many different types of nutcrackers on the market. The traditional nutcracker is very easy to use. However, for the latest nutcrackers, it is important to know how to use them effectively. Choosing a nutcracker, how to use it, discover the essentials to know about this famous kitchen utensil.

How to crack nuts with a nutcracker ?

Comment casser des noix avec un casse noix Comment casser des noix avec un casse noix

Techniques for using a nutcracker

Nutcrackers are easy to handle tools. This applies to both traditional nutcrackers and the latest models. The most important thing is to position the fruit in the centre of the nutcracker to prevent it from leaking out of the device. Then, you just have to apply a light pressure by tightening the pliers or by turning the screw if it is a screw nutcracker.

The shell of your nuts will not resist for long and will break in a second. However, be careful not to put too much pressure on your nutcracker. This will prevent the fruit inside the shell from being broken as well. In this context, screw or spring-loaded models are more practical as they allow you to go slowly. Using a nutcracker may be difficult at first, but with a little practice at home, it will be a breeze.

How to choose a nutcracker?

To be able to use a nutcracker effectively and how to break nuts, there are certain criteria to evaluate in order to find the most suitable tool for your needs.

The mechanism of the nutcracker

The ideal nutcracker is made of metal or wood. Dismountable nutcrackers are easier to use and clean. Clamp-on models are equally practical. They use leverage to break the shell of the fruit. Screw-type nutcrackers are also very easy to handle.

Weight and size of the nutcracker

In order to know what size nutcracker you need, it is important to determine the amount of nuts you are going to crack and how often you are going to use it. If you only eat nuts rarely, a claw-shaped nutcracker will be suitable. For medium consumption, the classic format will be suitable. However, if you want to crack nuts in large quantities, you should opt for a larger machine. This will save you from getting blisters on your hands by taking too long to crack your nuts. Remember to choose a nutcracker to avoid injuries.

The quality of the nutcracker

The quality of a nutcracker will depend on the type of material it is made of. Ideally, a metal nutcracker is the most suitable. This material will give the nut a better chance in terms of resistance. Wooden nutcrackers are also very strong. This is provided that the wood used is strong, robust and durable in nature.

For added strength, some brands combine metal with the wooden body of the nutcracker. A good quality nutcracker should also have a good grip. As the shells of the fruit are particularly tough, it is best to opt for a comfortable and strong handle. This makes it easier to open the shells of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds or macadamia nuts.

The resistance provided when using the tool

Some nutcrackers are more difficult to handle than others. The thickness of the handle of the nutcracker plays an important role for a metal tool. The thicker the tool, the less resistant the nut shell will be.

The design of the nutcracker

The design is a criterion not to be neglected when choosing a nutcracker for your kitchen. These nutcrackers come in different shapes, sizes and colours. In fact, you can find the right model for you on Amazon. And it’s the best value for money.

Selection of the best nutcracker models

On the internet, you can find a multitude of nutcracker models. The price of these devices will depend on the type of mechanism and its efficiency.

Obviously we start the selection with the elastically powered nutcracker:

  • The TNUT. This nutcracker is unique and made in France. It offers a fun way to open your nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. You will share a nice moment in the kitchen. Just insert your nut into the latex, pull and release, it’s that simple. The nut will be thrown onto the bottom of the nutcracker and will break off leaving the kernels intact.
  • The Drosselmeyer: You only need to see the model of this nutcracker to get an idea of its power and capacity. Its zinc construction gives it extra strength. Its enlarged shape will enable it to break all types of nuts.
  • The Lacor: with its uncomplicated and fumigated style, this model of nutcracker is particularly solid. This tool has a non-slip grip for a good hold. Its conical shape makes it suitable for different types of nuts.
  • BergHOFF Cubo: This brand is the new standard for nutcrackers at the moment. The nutcracker models they offer are so simple that even children can use them.
  • BergHOFF Squalo: This product is known for its sturdiness, but its weight presents a slight constraint. This nutcracker is easy to handle. With two different sizes, this nutcracker fits all types of nuts.
  • MSV Multi-Material: This product is both small and lighter than other nutcrackers. Its metal body gives it a very traditional look.