How do you know if a hazelnut is good?

How is a good hazelnut produced?

 Hazelnuts are dried nuts from hazelnut trees in the home garden that can be eaten as a snack or eaten in chocolate. Even if the hazelnut is of small origin, it is really rich in nutrients and very good as food, they are rounded with a brown shell.

how to tell if a hazelnut is good?

Hazelnuts are one of the most widely used dried fruits in the world of cooking to add crunch to a recipe. Indeed, by adding hazelnuts to recipes, they make the food more gourmet. In addition, it has many health benefits, especially if it is good. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to have a good hazelnut.

The hazelnut is a very good food.

What is the origin of hazelnuts?

What is the origin of hazelnuts? They come from the common hazelnut tree, a tree that grows up to 15 metres high and is able to grow in different latitudes of the world and on almost any type of land. In addition, the hazelnut can be grown very well at home in the garden.

Although known as dry nuts, hazelnuts are technically seeds, but there are several varieties. There is also the organic hazelnut for the fruit grown from a hazelnut tree without any products or fertilisers.

It is said that the origin of the hazelnut is from a tree that has been cultivated in the past.

It is said to have originated in Asia Minor. However, it was the Greek civilisation that was responsible for managing the consumption of hazelnuts in Europe, and from there they travelled to the rest of the world. Nowadays, we can enjoy the health benefits of hazelnuts, as well as their use in cooking tips. However, we have to be careful about the abuse of hazelnuts.

What is the best season to harvest hazelnuts?

Autumn is the time when hazelnut growers prepare for the harvest, which, depending on the area and the varieties, is the best time to harvest. To do this, follow the hazelnut harvesting tips.

The pre-harvest

The care of the soil and the tree therefore begins before autumn before the hazelnuts are ripe. During this season, bedbug attacks on the hazel tree must be controlled to prevent the fruit from being affected.

It is also important to stress the importance of reaching the harvest with a well-levelled ground, so that the harvester can work efficiently, without leaving fruit on the ground. There are also organic hazelnuts that do not require special care.


If you have a hazelnut tree in your garden, you will notice during the autumn that hazelnuts are falling to the ground under the tree. This means that the hazelnuts have gone bad, as they easily bleed from the hazelnut tree and have turned a nutty brown colour.

The worst mistake that can be made is to wait until the hazelnuts are too ripe and fall all the way off the tree to land on the ground, and then pick them up in one go. On the contrary, it is recommended to pick up with 20-30% of the fruit on the ground and make 2-3 passes until all the fruit is picked up.

The sowing of hazelnuts is a very important part of the harvest.


After harvesting, humidity and water activity are factors that are prone to fungal development. For this reason, it is not necessary to dry hazelnuts.

The greatest risk of fungus is that it will not grow.

The greatest risk that can occur is cracking of the shell due to excessive drying or drying too quickly. Once the shell is broken, the food safety of the pine is lost and the fruit is completely unusable.

During the process, the shell is cracked and the fruit is not used.

During the drying process, water must pass from the fruit to the shell. The process is very delicate and all varieties of fruit have particular characteristics.

How to store hazelnuts

Storing hazelnuts from the label is similar to other nuts such as almonds. As with most nuts, the best place for long-term storage is in the refrigerator or freezer. If you need your nuts to last for months, cold storage is the way to go. This applies to hazelnuts in the shell and almonds.

But if you don’t have enough room for dry nut storage in the refrigerator, the other option is to store hazelnuts at room temperature (in the pantry or kitchen). But your hazelnuts must still be in their shells. This is because the shell does an excellent job of protecting the kernels from the outside world.The shelf life of hazelnuts will depend on the method you choose to store them.

Also, make sure the hazelnuts are in a cool, dark place in the house, away from heat sources for better storage. You can take them out when on occasions (appetizers, snacks, snacks), while being careful how many hazelnuts per day you consume!

How to use hazelnuts in the kitchen ?

Hazelnuts can be eaten in many different ways: raw, fresh, roasted in the oven or as an ingredient in countless recipes, usually desserts. They are best eaten raw, although roasting them in the oven is very common.

Hazelnuts are a good choice of food.

Hazelnuts are a good ally to incorporate into weight loss recipes due to their health benefits and satiating power. However, for health reasons, avoid overeating these nuts, as they are high in calories.

You can also use them in recipes for weight loss.

You can also follow tips to incorporate them into breakfast foods and it is common to toast them or combine them with granola, muesli or in a nut mix. Hazelnuts are exquisite, and are widely used in many recipes such as cake, almond paste, chocolate spread, biscuits and all sorts of desserts.

The hazelnut is a very versatile ingredient, and is used in many recipes.

Once ground, the hazelnut is introduced into chocolate sauce or a chocolate bar recipe.