Consume nuts: Less risk of heart disease and cancer in particular

Researchers from Imperial College London and the Norwegian Uniersity of Science and Technology carried out a meta-analysis of studies to see the link between nut consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and mortality. They analyzed 29 studies published worldwide involving 819,000 people. The study included all types of nuts, including hazelnuts and peanuts.

The 28 g/day increase in nut intake was associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease by 29%, stroke by 7%, cardiovascular disease by 21%, cancer by 15%, and mortality by 22%. Mortality due to respiratory disease was even reduced by half. The results were similar for peanuts and tree nuts. According to the authors, if these associations describe a cause-and-effect relationship, 4.4 million premature deaths in America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the West Pacific could be attributed to nut consumption of less than 20 g.