A crunchy

Born from the match of a ‘nut’ inventor and a genius designer, the TNuT nutcracker is 100% made in France, as fun and easy to use as to share. Try it U will love it !

I need one !
TNuT - Une histoire craquante

An ordinary
Re-invented product

Nutcrackers are present in any kitchen drawer, often pinching and hard to use. It was time to reshape nutcrackers. With TNuT explode with style and safely crack all of your favorite nuts : walnuts, hazelnuts…

TNuT experience
TNuT - Un produit ordinaire réinventé

TNuT is a nutcracker, using the principle of propulsion to crack nut shells. Thanks to its natural latex membrane, the nut shell is placed on the TNuT‘s base and the shells are safely cracked keeping the nut intact. Bon appetit…

At home


50 sec

Overcome gravity

Interactive experience

35 sec

TNuT Experience

You will have a crunch on it!

TNuT Original

Live a unique experience of transparency.

TNuT Purple

Opt for color with a design object.

TNuT des Bois

Choose the authenticity of French beech wood.

Try it and U will adopt it!

TNuT, R & D*

*Research and development


TNuT is originally designed by Gaultier Mulot and made in France !


TNuT is clear, so you can see the shell being cracked.


TNuT is fully recyclable with a 100% biodegradable latex membrane.


The debris is contained inside TNuT. The shells are easy to collect and remove.


TNuT is fantastic elastic-powered!


TNuT has been designed for the safety of people from 7 to 107.

U know all. Your turn to play !

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