Our Story

Created by a somewhat “nutty” inventor and a true design guru, the extraordinary TNuT nutcracker offers a unique experience, inspired by your imagination. TNuT provides a new brand full of surprises and creativity.

I need one !
TNuT - Une histoire craquante


Reinventing the traditional aperitif, encouraging a healthier lifestyle and adding a fun element to family gatherings – these are the three key concepts behind the TNuT. Enjoy sharing happy moments together with friends and family.

TNuT experience
TNuT - Un produit ordinaire réinventé

Walnuts and hazelnuts are propelled onto the base of the TNuT using the yellow ball. Their shells crack and break away, leaving the nut intact. Bon appetit…

Seen on TV


1 min

At home


27 sec

Overcome gravity

Interactive experience

35 sec

TNuT Experience

You will have a crunch on it!

TNuT Original

Live a unique experience of transparency.

TNuT Boom

TNuT Boom stands out with its semi-open design.

TNuT des Bois

Choose the authenticity of French Jura Beech wood.

Try it and U will adopt it!

TNuT, R & D*

*Research and development


TNuT is originally designed by Gaultier Mulot and made in France !


TNuT is clear, so you can see the shell being cracked.


TNuT is fully recyclable with a 100% biodegradable latex membrane.


The debris is contained inside TNuT. The shells are easy to collect and remove.


TNuT is fantastic elastic-powered!


TNuT has been designed for the safety of people from 7 to 107.

U know all. Your turn to play !

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